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De Runderkraal

Ellenbroek 2

5512 NE Vessem


Phone: 0031 (0) 497-591302

GSM: 0031 (0) 653458304

email: de Runderkraal

member of NRC, BRK, ADRK


Since 1973 we bred Rottweilers. It is our passion to breed healthy, friendly and reliable dogs. That is why we place high demands on our breed at health (HD) and character before selecting for breedings. Because of our years of experience and our successful winnings national and international, we can place ourselves to the highest level of breeders in Europe. Because we use often the best German bloodlines, we breed responsible and ours litter get a social education, we can stay at the top. We are always prepared to answer your questions and will always welcome you at our kennel were you can count on our knowledge and get personal attention. Hope to meet you at the Runderkraal!


Jos and Gerarda* (*† 05-11-2016)


Jos and Gerarda with Hurbie van de Runderkraal
Our pride
Hurbie van de Runderkraal

Youth Winster 1999 NL, Youth World Winster 2000, World Winster 2002, Belgian Winster 2002 Belgian Club Champion 2003, Club Winster 2002 NL, Dutch Champion, Luxembuorg Champion, German VDH Champion, Veteran Champion 2007